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I’m a physician turned software engineer with 4 years of experience in building web applications. My focus is on front-end development and functional programming, but I’m comfortable in any environment. I’m self-taught and extremely driven, and consider programming both job and favorite pastime.


Languages: Javascript, Golang, Haskell, Clojure, Lua, Nix, Dhall, Shell (Fish and POSIX), Purescript
Others: GraphQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Git, HTML, CSS, Linux, Vim, React, Redux, Styled Components, Webpack, Apollo, Jest, Management experience


Doctor of Medicine, M.D.
University of Duesseldorf | 2007 - 2014


Fullstack Developer
AMBOSS | Since 2019

  • Design and implement an ETL pipeline in Golang from scratch
  • Create new rich text format for HTML documents for use by mobile and web clients
  • Provide mentoring to junior front-end colleagues
  • Participate in and contribute to QA, front end, platform, and Golang guilds
  • Responsible for monitoring, distributed tracing and most Kubernetes-related aspects of the project

Frontend Developer
AMBOSS | 2018 - 2019

  • Create new single-page React application from scratch
  • Build performance monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana
  • Research and improve rendering performance for large amounts of JSX on older browsers
  • Build generic tree-related operations for various tree-based UI elements

Junior Frontend Developer
AMBOSS | 2017

  • Maintain and extend Javascript projects running in various environments (e.g., server-rendered templates, Angular single-page application, web views on mobile)
  • Introduce new React components without disrupting existing non-React code
  • Use JQuery, vanilla JS, React and Angular while supporting a wide range of browsers including IE11

Founding Member & Co-Lead US Expansion
AMBOSS | 2015 - 2017

  • Hire and integrate a completely new team of full- and part-time medical editors working both remotely and onsite
  • Invent new workflows for creating medical content
  • Market Analysis and project management
  • Develop didactic concepts tailored to new user needs