About Me

Hi, I’m Florian! 👋

I’m a software developer who focuses on web stuff. I can wear client side and back end developer hats, sometimes even at the same time, although that makes my head look weird. I also have a platform developer cape in the closet.

I’m infinitely curious, so most of my evenings are spent experimenting with different ways of doing things. How can you decide which tool is best for the job if you haven’t even tried most of them? If you give me an empty canvas without any rules I’m probably going to start drawing Haskell pictures with a Nix crayon though.

In case you’re wondering, I run NixOS for fun and Darwin for work. I’m also learning Japanese, love music like Plini and Blackpink (that’s not a typo, nor a joke) and have been a video gamer for over 20 years now.

Feel free to contact me at yuuki@protonmail.com